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Full Tower ATX Case
Date: 16.03.2002

     It's no secret here at the Club that the Lian Li aluminum cases are our favorite cases. Not only are they our favorite, they are also the most sought after computer cases on the market today. There are many reasons why the Lian Li cases are so popular, but if I were to sum it all up in one word, that word would be "perfection". It's true, there is nothing like a Lian Li case. If you are in doubt, it's only because you have never seen one first hand. Once you get your hands on a Lian Li case, you begin to judging all other cases based on Lian Li's beauty, quality and perfection.

     Just recently I acquired the case I've been wanting for a very long time called the Lian Li PC71 USB Full Tower. This full tower case is identical to the PC70 except for being jet black instead of the silver we have become accustom to. The PC71 has everything I've ever wanted in a full tower case, especially the jet black color. However, there is much more to this case than just looks. I hate to rant and rave about a case like this, but the PC71 is so incredible I just can't control myself! Let's take a look at this black beauty!

Product Specification:

Black-colored (HARD ANODIZE)

Product Feature / Commentary:

DRIVERS SPACE:15 total device bays,
6x5.25",3x3.5",6x3.5" hidden for HDD
4 Fans for cooling (Sleeve fan)

     Starting with the outside of the case, you can find the front USB ports. The wiring for these ports actually connect to the secondary USB risers on the motherboard. This is a much better option than running wires all the way out the back of the case and into the USB ports on the back of the motherboard. This way you can still use the back USB ports and the front ports at the same time. That is if your motherboard has the secondary USB risers.

     The front cover of the case easily pops off to reveal the front fan speed controls and fan filter. That's right, this case has a factory fan filter mod and speed control that comes standard!

     Inside the PC71 is where you will find even more surprises and awesome quality and perfection. As I showed you earlier, the case has a total of 15 drive bays. Lian Li made this case large enough so that each and every one of those drive bays are 100% usable with nothing in danger of blocking any of the bays, not even the motherboard. The hard drive bays and floppy/3.5" bays can be easily undone with thumb screws and slid out of the case for easy access. There is even a removable hard drive tray so that the motherboard can be pulled out of the case without undoing the motherboard itself.

     The PC71 comes stock with 4 internal 80mm fans. However, there is factory cutouts for two more 80mm case fans. As you may have noticed by now, the entire case is "toolless". This means that all the fasteners are thumbscrews therefore the case does not require any tools for disassembly.


     The Lian Li PC71 USB case is by far my favorite full tower case I have ever seen. Nothing I've seen has even come close. Everything in the case slides together with such perfect tolerances that it's just hard to believe that anyone could have built a case that with such a high level of perfection. It's no wonder why Lian Li cases are the most sought after cases on the market today! They are also becoming the top choice for case modders. Although it's almost a sin to cut holes in or mod a Lian Li case in any way, the end result is absolutely spectacular. Just take a look at my PC70 Extreme Server below!

     If you want to modify your Lian Li, the Cooler Guys can also help you out with that as they have some really great options for you to choose from. Just be careful as aluminum can be more difficult to cut without cracking. This is why I recommend letting the Cooler Guys modify the case for you. Sure it's going to cost a little more, but at least you don't have to risk messing it up yourself.

     The only downside to a Lian Li case is their premium price. However, you get exactly what you pay for and that's the best computer case on the market today.

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