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We have our own Facebook groups:

Classic Car Stereo
Classic Alpine Car stereo
Classic Blaupunkt Car stereo
Classic Clarion Car stereo
Classic Kenwood Car stereo
Classic Nakamichi Car stereo
Classic Pioneer Car stereo
Classic PPI Car stereo
Classic Sony Car stereo
Classic US Amplifiers

Other Facebook groups:

Klasik deck pioneer 80 series (turkey)

Dannys Carhifimuseum


History pages

Carrozzeria (Pioneer in Japan)


AmpGuts (Information of lots of amps from most brands)

Antique autoradio madness (impressive french car stereo museum)

Vintage cassettes (Nice overview of all cassettes 1963-2000)

Clarion in Saab

Forum threads

Forum-auto 1
Forum-auto 2


Talk audio

Forum de Planete

Resource pages

Lots of information about car-stereo 1980-2000 (polish)


Magazines published on the web

Fagbladet til Elektronikkbransjen (norwegian magazine):

  Radiohandleren (1937-1959)
  Radio-TV (1960-1963)
  Radio/TV-bladet (1964-1972)
  Radiobransjen (1973-1989)
  Elektronikkbransjen (1990- )





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