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Retro Car Audio Guide brochure exchanging

In order to complete my collection (and your) I'm offering you the possibility to exchange electronically (scanned) brochures with me. If you have a brochure that I don't have (even another language) you can choose one of mine in return. The brochures must be scanned in high quality.

For now my Pioneer brochures for the period 1970-1990 are scanned and ready. If you click on "Pioneer" and choose the year from where you are looking for a brochure you can check out which ones I offer. Afterwards you must check out if you have a brochure that is not listed. If you do I will trade with you.


Quality check

Click here to download an example of a scanned page. It's from a Pioneer 1980 brochure. Please keep in mind that a scanned page never will be better then the original page :-)

The pdf's are generated from these scanned pages (images). The image will be a bit compressed to keep down the size of the pdf-file.













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