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Performance Cooling without the Noise….

Today we look at Cooler Masters latest Intel P4 (478pin) performance cooling solution, in the form of the 'Fujiyama' Silent Heat Pipe.

This version of the popular Heat Pipe is designed to give superior cooling to the P4 without costing you your hearing. Unlike other performance coolers, the Fujiyama Heat Pipe does not rely on a powerful fan running at a high RPM (the source of most computer noise) to cool the CPU to an acceptable level, instead Cooler Master have implemented some basic design improvements to increase the heatsinks performance without the need for extra fan noise. We will take a look at these and the coolers performance compared to the retail Intel heatsink shipped with the new Northwood variation of the P4.

Fuliyama - Silent Heat Pipe Specs.

  • Fan Dimension 70 x 70 x 25 mm
  • Rated Speed 2500 RPM
  • Air Flow 20.5 CFM
  • Rated Voltage 12 VDC
  • Heat Sink Dimension 83 x 70 x 50 mm

Tricks of the trade….


First of all you will notice that the heatsink is itself made of solid copper, you will be happy to know that the actual heatsink is exactly the same as the IHC-H71 (the normal Heat-Pipe for P4). As you may or may not know copper has a higher thermal conductivity than aluminium, the metal most heatsinks, including the stock Intel one, are produced from, meaning from the start the Fujiyama Silent Heat Pipe has an advantage over a lot of the field. Also on a side note - as an unintended added bonus, not only does the copper heatsink work great, it looks fabulous too.

Secondly, the Fujiyama Silent Heat Pipe has much thinner fins than the stock Intel HSF, enabling Cooler Master to fit more into the same dimensions as the Intel HS, giving the Heat Pipe a much larger surface area, the larger the surface area the faster heat can be transferred away from the heatsink.

The final trick up the Heat Pipes sleeve is the inclusion of a 'silent' 70mm fan, running @ 2500RPM pushing 20.5CFM over the copper fins, the fan is running at the same speed as the Intel stock fan so any extra performance from the cooler should come from the better designed copper heatsink.

Stealth Cooling…

The fan used on the IHC-L71 is the secret to the Heat Pipes 'silent' title, it achieves the low noise output by moving at a lower speed (2500RPM) than most fans used on current heatsinks, for exaple the fan on the IHC-H71 spin's at a comparitavly massive 6000RPM pushing a much larger 46CFM, however the cost of this extra performance comes at a high price in the form of fan noise, which in a home or work environment can be very distracting, or even just plain annoying.

First Impressions

The heatsink is packaged in a clear plastic container, the instructions for installation and the product specs can be found on the back of the box.

The heatsink itself weighs a lot more than the stock Intel HS, this is due to Cooler Masters choice of a copper Heat Sink, although both the Intel and Cooler Master heatsinks are of comparable size copper is a much denser metal than aluminium therefore giving the copper heatsink a greater mass. The production standard is of a very high quality, upon closer inspection I found there were no bent fins and that the base of the heatsink was protected by a large sticker that must be removed before installation, removal of this sticker shows a highly polished surface with only a very few micro grooves visable.

Installation - Simple as ABC … (once u read the instructions)

It took me a good 10 - 15minutes to fit the Cooler Master heatsink, this however was due to no fault of Cooler Master, and was down to me not RTFM (Reading The Flipping Manual). I was attempting to fit the HS in the same way as the stock Intel HSF, however this is not how it is done, you first have to lock one side of the claw in place with two small leavers and then flip the main leavers to lock the HS firmly in place. After reading the instructions I was able to fit the HS in less than a minute.

Onto the Testing

I have compared the Silent Heat Pipe to the Intel Stock Fan in the following tests with a Northwood 1.6A CPU at both default and over-clocked speeds. CPU temperatures were recorded using the WinBond Hardware Doctor V2.70 supplied with the ABIT BD7. Idle temps were recorded 10minute after the system had booted, with no background applications running. Load temps were taken after running the United Devices Cancer Agent (which stresses CPU to test complex protein structures in the search for a cure for cancer) for 10minutes. The thermal compound used was Cooler Masters Premium Thermal Compound.

Test Rig

INTEL P4 1.6Ghz Northwood (overclocked speed of 2.13Ghz)
512Mb PC2100 ECC Crucial
Thermal Take Active Memory Heatsinks
Maxtor D740X
ABIT GeForce3 Ti200
Hercules Fortissimo II

Ambient Internal Case Temp = 30°C

At default clock speeds the IHC-H71 out performs the stock Intel HSF in the idle test by 2°C and in the load test by a very impressive 6°C.

Overlocked the IHC-H71 is ontop once again, leading by a large margin, with the CPU idle the Intel HS is some 6°C hotter than the Silent Heat Pipe, under load at overclocked speeds the pattern doesn't change with the Cooler Master being an impressive 5C cooler.

Overall a resounding victory for the Cooler Master HSF.

Final Look

After completing the tests I am very pleased with the outcome, the IHC-L71 beats the stock Intel HSF in every test, not only this but, it lives up to Cooler Master's claim of being a silent solution. After using a loud 5000RPM fan on my AMD system for some time I was surprised at how quiet the stock Intel HSF combo was, however the Silent Heat Pipe surprised me further by not only being more efficient at cooling the CPU, but also being perfectly silent to the point where you cannot actually here the fan turn, only the air passing through the fins!!! This is truly amazing, finally a high quality, well performing heatsink that doesn't require you to work with protective headphones to remove the noise of the fan, great work Cooler Master.

Not only this but the Silent Heat Pipe looks fantastic and would be a proud addition to anyone's case with a window kit, it really is a work of art!!!

Finally, this Silent Heat Pipe is definately a great choice for any P4 owners who want to remove that last bit of annoying noise, or just want a top notch heatsink that looks and performs great, well done Cooler Master it's a classy piece of kit.


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